Артикул Бренд Partnumber Наименование Опт Гар, мес Склад
41709Broadcom05-26112-00Кабель CBL-SFF8643-10M (LSI00405 / 05-26112-00 ), INT, SFF8643-SFF8643 (MiniSAS HD -to- MiniSAS HD internal cable), 100cm$28.71+
41708Broadcom05-26113-00Кабель CBL-SFF8643-08M (LSI00404 / 05-26113-00) INT, SFF8643-SFF8643 (MiniSAS HD -to- MiniSAS HD internal cable), 80cm$28.71+
41707Broadcom05-26114-00Кабель CBL-SFF8643-06M (LSI00403 / 05-26114-00) INT, SFF8643-SFF8643 (MiniSAS HD -to- MiniSAS HD internal cable), 60cm$28.71+
41710Broadcom05-26117-00Кабель CBL-SFF8643-8087-06M (LSI00400 / 05-26117-00) INT, SFF8643-SFF8087 (MiniSAS HD-to-MiniSAS internal cable), 60cm$28.71
41711Broadcom05-26118-00Кабель CBL-SFF8643-8087-08M (LSI00401 / 05-26118-00 ) INT, SFF8643-SFF8087 (MiniSAS HD-to-MiniSAS internal cable), 80cm$28.71+
41712Broadcom05-26119-00Кабель CBL-SFF8643-8087-10M (LSI00402 / 05-26119-00) INT, SFF8643-SFF8087 (MiniSAS HD-to-MiniSAS internal cable), 100cm {20}$28.71+
57240Broadcom05-50061-00Cable, U.2 Enabler, HD (SFF8643) -to- HD(W)(SFF8643), 1m, Used with Supermicro servers that use a ‘white’ mini-SAS HD connector on the NVMe-backplane (05-50061-00)$110.412+
57241Broadcom05-50062-00Cable, U.2 Enabler, HD (SFF8643) -to- OCuLink (SFF8612), 1m, Used with Supermicro & Intel systems use OCuLink on the NVMe-backplane (05-50062-00)$110.412+
58492Broadcom05-50063-00Cable, U.2 Enabler, HD (SFF8643) -to- Slimline (SFF8654), 1m, Used with systems that use the Slimline connector on the NVMe-backplane (05-50063-00)$10112+
56814Broadcom05-50064-00Cable, U.2 Enabler, HD (SFF8643) -to- (2x SFF8639), 1m, Used to attach directly to the 8639 interface of the NVMe drive (05-50064-00)$11012+
56825Broadcom05-50065-00Cable, U.2 Enabler, HD (SFF8643) -to- (2x SFF8639), 50cm, Used to attach directly to the 8639 interface of the NVMe drive (05-50065-00)$9912+
65892Broadcom05-60001-00Cable, Slimline SASx8 (SFF8654) -to- 2x Slimline SASx4 (SFF8612), AltWiring, 1M$128.812
65556Broadcom05-60002-00Cable, Slimline SASx8 (SFF8654) -to- 2 SAS HD (White) x4 (SFF8643), SMC, 1M$79.412+
65555Broadcom05-60003-00Cable, Slimline SASx8 (SFF8654) -to- 2 SAS HD x4 (SFF8643)+ SFF9402, 1M$79.412+
65457Broadcom05-60004-00Cable, Slimline SASx8 (SFF8654) -to- 2 Slimline SASx4 (SFF8654)+ SFF9402, 1M {10}$128.812+
65884Broadcom05-60005-00Cable, Slimline SASx8 (SFF8654) -to- 2x U.2 Direct, 1M {10}$82.812+
65890Broadcom05-60006-00Cable, Slimline SASx8 (SFF8654) -to- 8x U.3 Direct, 1M {10}$102.412+
65554Broadcom05-60007-00Cable, Slimline SASx8 (SFF8654) -to- Slimline SASx8 (SFF8654)+ SFF9402, 1M$128.812+
41668BroadcomCBL-SFF8088SAS-10MКабель CBL-SFF8088SAS-10M External SFF8088-to-SFF8088 (external MiniSAS -to- MiniSAS), 100cm$9512+
30365BroadcomCBL-SFF8088SAS-20MКабель CBL-SFF8088SAS-20M External SAS Cable, 2M, SFF-8088 connectors, universal keys$10512+
31694BroadcomL5-00190-00Кабель CBL-SFF8087SB-08M (LSI00249 / L5-00190-00) Internal, SFF8087-to-SFF8087 (MiniSAS -to- MiniSAS), W/SideBand, 80cm$121+
31696BroadcomL5-00191-00Кабель CBL-SFF8087SB-06M (LSI00256 / L5-00191-00) Internal, SFF8087-to-SFF8087 (MiniSAS -to- MiniSAS), W/SideBand, 60cm$121+
31695BroadcomL5-00192-00Кабель CBL-SFF8087SB-05M (LSI00255 / L5-00192-00) Internal, SFF8087-to-SFF8087 (MiniSAS -to- MiniSAS), W/SideBand, 50cm$11.51+
33723BroadcomL5-00194-00Кабель CBL-SFF8087-SATASB-06M (LSI00259 / L5-00194-00) Internal SFF8087-to-4*SATA+SB (MiniSAS -to- SATA fan-out with sideband), 60cm$291+
33720BroadcomL5-00197-00Кабель CBL-RA8087SATASB-10M (LSI00274 / L5-00197-00) Internal SFF8087(угловой)-to-4*SATA+SB (right-angle (SFF-8087) to SATA fan-out with sideband), 100cm$28.71+
33719BroadcomL5-00198-00Кабель CBL-RA8087SB-10M (LSI00275 / L5-00198-00) Internal SFF8087(угловой)-to-SFF8087 (right-angle (SFF-8087) to straight (SFF-8087) with sideband), 100cm$291+
37447BroadcomL5-00208-00Кабель CBL-RA8087-10M (LSI00313 / L5-00208-00), Internal, SFF8087угловой-to-SFF8087 (right angle MiniSAS to MiniSAS), 100cm$37.91+
37448BroadcomL5-00209-00Кабель CBL-SFF8087-10M (LSI00314 / L5-00209-00) Internal, SFF8087-to-SFF8087 (MiniSAS -to- MiniSAS), 100cm$381+
42019BroadcomL5-00219-00Кабель CBL-SFF8643-SATASB-05M (LSI00409 / L5-00219-00), INT SFF8643-to-4*SATA+SB (MiniSAS HD -to- 4*SATA+SideBand internal cable) 50cm$291+
41661BroadcomL5-00220-00Кабель CBL-SFF8643-SATASB-06M (LSI00410 / L5-00220-00), INT SFF8643-to-4*SATA+SB (MiniSAS HD -to- 4*SATA+SideBand internal cable) 60cm$291+
41666BroadcomL5-00221-00Кабель CBL-SFF8643-SATASB-10M (LSI00411 / L5-00221-00), INT SFF8643-to-4*SATA+SB (MiniSAS HD -to- 4*SATA+SideBand internal cable) 100cm$291+
41667BroadcomL5-00222-00Кабель CBL-SFF8643-SAS8482SB-06M (LSI00412 / L5-00222-00) INT, SFF8643-to-4*SFF8482+SB ( MiniSAS HD-to-SAS internal cable) 60cm$381
42020BroadcomL5-00223-00Кабель CBL-RA8643-04M (LSI00413 / L5-00223-00) Internal, SFF8643-to-SFF8643 угловой (MiniSAS HD-to-MiniSAS HD Right Angle) 40cm$291+
48949BroadcomL5-25194-00Кабель CBL-SFF8644-8088-60M (LSI00338 / L5-25194-00) SFF8644 to SFF8088$38512+
48952BroadcomL5-25195-00Кабель CBL-SFF8644-60M (LSI00341 / L5-25195-00) SFF8644 to SFF8644$31612+
48948BroadcomL5-25196-00Кабель CBL-SFF8644-8088-10M (LSI00336 / L5-25196-00 ) SFF8644 to SFF8088$15912+
48950BroadcomL5-25198-00Кабель CBL-SFF8644-10M (LSI00339 / L5-25198-00) SFF8644 to SFF8644$17012+
48839BroadcomL5-25199-00Кабель CBL-SFF8644-8088-20M (LSI00337 / L5-25199-00 ) SFF8644 to SFF8088$19612+
48951BroadcomL5-25201-00Кабель CBL-SFF8644-20M (LSI00340 / L5-25201-00) SFF8644 to SFF8644$20712+
23626BroadcomО_CBL-SFF8087OCF-10MКабель CBL-SFF8087OCF-10M Internal SFF8087-to-4*SATA (MiniSAS -to- SATA fan-out, forward), 100cm$211