Артикул Бренд Partnumber Наименование Опт Гар, мес Склад
83932AgileXAgileX R&D Kit ProAgileX R&D Kit Pro Not including platform,Compatible with Scout Mini,Tracer,SCOUT2,0 and BUNKER,Pack in wooden case,Not inlcuding robot chassic,Nvidia Jetson Nano*1,Lidar VLP-16 *1,Intel Realsense D435*1,Communication GL.iNet GL-AR750S*1$024
80725AgileXAGX-BUBUNKER UGV ROBOT 1023*780*394mm, Chassis height: 90mm, Track width: 150mm,Length: 520mm,Weight: About 130kg, Load: 80kg, Type: Lithium battery,Capacity: 30AH, Voltage: 48V,Maximum climbing capacity: 36°,Speed: 0-1.5m/s,s$1897512
80720AgileXAGX-HU1HUNTER 1.0 UGV ROBOT Dimensions:980mm* 718mm*330mm, Weight: 40-50KG, Charger: AC 220V Independent Charger, Drive Form:Ackermann Steering + Wheel DriveLanding Capacity: 100KG, Charging Period: 2-2.5H, AgileX remote controller, Pack in flight case$1322512
80721AgileXAGX-HU2HUNTER 2.0 UGV ROBOT 980*745*380 (L*W*H) Wheelbase: 650mm, Front/rear wheel base: 605mm, Weight: 65/70kg, Battery: Lithium battery 24V30AH, IP22, Powert drive motor: DC Brushless 2*400W, Steering drive motor: DC Brushless 200W, Reduction gearbox: 1:40$1460512
80719AgileXAGX-SC2SCOUT 2.0 UGV ROBOT 930*699*348mm(L*W*H),Wheelbase:498mm,Front/rear wheel base:582/582mm,Weight of vehicle body: 62kg,Battery type: Lithium battery 24V/30AH, IP22, Motor: DC brushless 4*200W, Reduction gearbox: 1:30, Drive type: Independent four-wheel dr$1759512
80723AgileXAGX-SCMSCOUT MINI UGV ROBOT 627mm* 550mm*252mm, Gross Vehicle Weight:20kg, Charger:AC 220V Independent Charger, Drive Form:Four Wheel Independent Drive, Landing Capacity: 20kg, Charging Period: 2H$747512
80724AgileXAGX-SCMWSCOUT MINI UGV ROBOT(Mecanum Wheel) 627mm* 550mm*252mm, Gross Vehicle Weight:22kg, Charger:AC 220V Independent Charger, Drive Form:Four Wheel Independent Drive, Landing Capacity: 50kg, Charging Period: 2H, AgileX remote controller,Pack in flight case$828012
80718AgileXAGX-THRTHUNDER UGV ROBOT Volume 30L, Max.flow: 1.5L/min, Spray time: 50min-60min, Max. spray area:15000m2, Battery power endurance:1.5-2h, Spay distance: 2-8m, Spray angle: Horizontal 270 degree, vertical 35 degrees(eletrical) Gimbal motion speed: 24.75°/sSpray$1782512
80722AgileXAGX-TRTRACER AGV ROBOT 685mm*570mm*155mm,Gross Vehicle Weight:28-30kg, Charger:AC 220V Independent Charger, Drive Form:Two-wheel Differential Drive, Landing Capacity: 150kg, Charging Period: 4H, AgileX remote controller, Pack in flight case$943012