Артикул Бренд Partnumber Наименование Опт Гар, мес Склад
55692AVER MediaAVerCaster Premium RS7130AVerCaster Premium RS7130, Live IP/TS transcoder$10525.412ЗАКАЗ
50961AVER MediaAVerCaster Premium RS7165AVerCaster Premium RS7165, 4 Ch HDMI 1080p Encoder$9999.112ЗАКАЗ
50962AVER MediaAVerCaster Premium RS7170AVerCaster Premium RS7170, 4-CH 1080p60 HDMI Encoder$11110.212ЗАКАЗ
50963AVER MediaAVerCaster Premium RS7185AVerCaster Premium RS7185, 4 Ch HD-SDI Encoder$11987.312ЗАКАЗ
50964AVER MediaAVerCaster Premium RS7190AVerCaster Premium RS7190, 4-CH 3G-SDI Encoder$12279.712ЗАКАЗ
50959AVER MediaAVerCaster Pro RS7160AVerCaster Pro RS7160, HD / SD AVC and MPEG-2 Encoder$7543.212ЗАКАЗ
50960AVER MediaAVerCaster Pro RS7180AVerCaster Pro RS7180, HD / SD ASI and SDI Encoder$9063.612ЗАКАЗ
65046AVER MediaAVerCasterSE 5820AVerCaster SE5820, Compact Encoder, Dual HDMI/3G-SDI HEVC, 1080p60, RTL$2150.512
50948AVER MediaAVerReceiver 310AVerReceiver 310, for CMS (SR310)$432.712ЗАКАЗ
50949AVER MediaAVerServer 310AVerServer 310, with CMS (BM110)$2631.312ЗАКАЗ
56610AVER MediaC351DarkCrystal SD Capture, Mini-PCIe Quad, 4Ch SD composite input, (C351)$233.912
53680AVER MediaC351WDarkCrystal SD Capture, Mini-PCIe Quad, 4Ch SD composite input, (C351W)$34512
53681AVER MediaC353WDarkCrystal SD Capture, Mini-PCIe, 1Ch HDMI/VGA input, (C353W)$350.912
50981AVER MediaCE310BCE310B, Ezmаkеr SDK 1Ch PCI-E Video Capture Card with S-Video/Composite/Audio inputs$93.612
55762AVER MediaCE314-HNCE314-HN 4Ch Quad HDMI PCIe Capture Card$816.512
50974AVER MediaCE314-SNCE314-SN, 4Ch Quad SDI PCIe Capture Card$816.512
57982AVER MediaCE330BCE330B, 1-Channel HDMI Full HD HW H.264 PCIe Frame Grabber$233.912
50971AVER MediaCE511-HNCE511-HN, 1Ch 4K HDMI 2.0 Hybrid PCIe Capture card, up to 4K (3840 x 2160) 60fps$1286.412
50973AVER MediaCE511B-MNCE511-MN, 1Ch 4K HDMI 2.0 Hybrid PCIe Capture Card, Multiple input sources, up to 4K (3840 x 2160) 60fps, (CE511-MN/CE511B-MN)$1415.112
57980AVER MediaCL311-M2CL311-M2, Full HD HDMI 1080P 60FPS PCIe Capture Card$245.612+
57981AVER MediaCL311-MNCL311-MN, PCIe Low Profile Full HD 60fps Multi-interface Capture Card$43712
60636AVER MediaCL311-MN w/DBCL311-MN, with Daughter board, PCIe Low Profile, Full HD 60fps, Multi-interface Capture Card$491.212
57234AVER MediaCL332-HNCL332-HN, 2-Channel HDMI Full HD HW H.264 PCIe Capture Card$526.212
50975AVER MediaCL334-SNCL334-SN, 4Ch Quad SDI PCIe Capture Card; Hardware H.264 encoding$1578.812
54088AVER MediaCM311-HMini-PCIe 1080P 60FPS HDMI Frame Grabber (CM311-H)$20712
54091AVER MediaCM313BWMini PCI-e HW Encode Capture Card with 3G-SDI (CM313BW) OEM$350.912
55581AVER MediaCN311-HFrame Grabber M.2 HDMI, up to 4096x2160 30fps, (CN311-H)$327.812
54092AVER MediaCN331-HFrame Grabber GM M.2 HDMI, up to 1920 x 1080 60fps, w/o HDMI cable, (CN331-H)$235.712
54094AVER MediaCN331H/cFrame Grabber M.2 1080P 60FPS HDMI, up to 1920 x 1080 60fps, with HDMI micro-coaxial cable, (CN331-H)$235.712
50965AVER MediaCU511B (SDK)CU511B (SDK), USB 3.0 interface 1920x1200p Video Capture Card with HDMI, DVI, VGA, Composite, S-Video, 3G-SDI input in one device$923.912
47509AVER MediaDarkCrystal 750DarkCrystal 750, HDMI/Component Inputs, Recording resolution support up to 1080p 60fps, USB3.0, Support Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, (CD750)$397.712
50976AVER MediaDarkCrystal CD110DarkCrystal CD110, 1-channel HD/SD-SDI Video Capture PCI-E Card, DirectShow compatible$198.812
50977AVER MediaDarkCrystal HD Capture CD311DarkCrystal HD Capture CD311, 1Ch HDMI/VGA inputs up to 1080p60, DirectShow compatible$526.212
50978AVER MediaDarkCrystal HD Capture CD530DarkCrystal HD Capture CD530, 1Ch Real-time lossless video capture and display (at up to 1920 x 1200 60fps), HDMI, DVI and VGA input interfaces$111112
43452AVER MediaDarkCrystal HD Capture Duo (C129)DarkCrystal HD Capture Duo (C129) 4Ch 2 HD & 2 SD Video Sources Capturing, up to 1080p 60 fps, VESA Resolution Supported$678.312
43451AVER MediaDarkCrystal HD Capture SDK (C727)DarkCrystal HD Capture SDK, 1Ch PCI-E Video Capture Card with HDMI/Component/S-Video/Composite/Audio inputs, up to 1080i, (C727)$315.812
43448AVER MediaDarkCrystal HD Capture SDK II C729DarkCrystal HD Capture SDK II, 1Ch PCI-E Video Capture Card with HDMI/Component/S-Video/Composite/Audio inputs, (C729)$315.812
50979AVER MediaDarkCrystal HD-SDI Duo CD910DarkCrystal HD-SDI Duo CD910, 2Ch HD Capture Card with HD/SD SDI Input$596.412
50982AVER MediaDarkCrystal SD Capture C968 4chDarkCrystal SD Capture, PCIe 1x Gen2, 4Ch SD Composite/4 Stereo audio capture card, (C968 4ch)$292.312
50983AVER MediaDarkCrystal SD Capture C968 8chDarkCrystal SD Capture PCIe 1x Gen2, 8Ch SD Composite/8 Stereo audio capture card, (C968 8ch)$432.712
43447AVER MediaEzmaker SDK Express (C725B)Ezmaker SDK Express, 1Ch PCI-E Video Capture Card with S-Video/Composite/Audio inputs, (C725B)$85.312+
43450AVER MediaEzmaker USB SDK (C039P)Ezmaker USB SDK, USB interface Video Capture Card with Composite, S-Video & Audio input, (C039P)$97.712+
47508AVER MediaEzRecorder 530EzRecorder 530, HDMI in-out Component Video & Audio L/R, 1980x1080 24/25/30p H264 video capture, 2.5” SATA HDD (supports 7mm and 9.5mm) or USB 2.0 storage, (CR530)$233.912
55689AVER MediaRS6150TV Gateway 4 ch NTSC/DVB-T encode and streaming, (RS6150)$10525.412ЗАКАЗ
55688AVER MediaRS6452TV Gateway, 8 ch DVB-T/DVB-T2 streaming, (RS6452)$7835.612ЗАКАЗ