Материнские платы TYAN на новом поколении чипсетов Intel® 915G/925X

Материнские платы TYAN  на новом поколении чипсетов Intel® 915G/925X
Tomcat i915 (S5120) and Tomcat i925X (S5130) Aim to Provide Rich Features for Digital Home/Office Environments Technology used in the home and office environment is changing everyday, evolving towards seamless integration and higher productivity. In coordination with Intel's digital home and office initiative, Tyan will deliver two unique platforms based on Intel's 915G/925X Express chipsets. Both of these platforms will offer incredibly rich features for entertainment and business applications, while providing capabilities that can fit any number of business or home computing requirements. Tyan's Tomcat i915 (S5120), based on Intel's 915G Express chipset, enables customers to enjoy innovative video technology for gaming and other forms of interactive entertainment through the implementation of the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 900 graphics core which supports DirectX* 9 and OpenGL*, and features compatibility with a wide range of Windows platforms. Upgradeability is built right into the Tomcat i915 through a PCI Express* x16 slot for support of the latest in video card technology. The Tomcat i915 also has support for the Intel Pentium® 4 Socket-T (LGA775) package, which enables customers with high-performance, cutting-edge processing power. Other convenient features include integrated high-definition multi-channel audio with optical SDPIF connectors, a 10/100 Ethernet port and additional option for Gigabit port, (4) 32-bit PCI slots and (2) PCI Express x1 slots, multi-port Serial ATA with optional RAID, and built-in 1394a FireWire support. The Tomcat i925X (S5130) is based on Intel's 925X Express chipset, which uses a high-bandwidth PCI Express architecture to support performance processing and graphics for the desktop or server space. Capabilities of the Tomcat i925X also include Intel Pentium 4 Socket-T (LGA775) processor support, support for up to 4GB of DDR2-533/400 unbuffered memory, multiple I/O options including a PCI Express x16 slot plus (4) 32-bit PCI slots and (2) PCI Express x1 slots, built-in high-definition multi-channel audio with optical SPDIF ports, one or two Gigabit Ethernet ports, integrated ATI® RAGE XL™ 8MB video, 1394a FireWire, and multi-port Serial ATA with storage RAID (based on Intel Matrix Storage Technology). "Today's home and office users are looking towards solutions that can meet their increasing performance and connectivity needs," stated Don Clegg, Vice President of Sales and Strategic Programs at Tyan. "The introduction of Tyan's Tomcat i915 and Tomcat i925X both herald a widespread change in desktop platform technology which will enable customers to experience new levels of entertainment and productivity." The Tomcat i915 (S5120) and Tomcat i925X (S5130) will both sample in June, and will reach mass production in Q3 of this year.