Matrox announced the ASM, an advanced synchronization module

Matrox announced the ASM, an advanced synchronization module
New Matrox ASM provides cutting-edge genlock support for multi-board and multi-system display synchronization Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, announced the Matrox ASM, an advanced synchronization module that offers a host of unique features to provide the highest level of options for the synchronization of large-scale, multi-monitor configurations. Ideal for out-of-window simulation, heads-down simulation and instrumentation, the Matrox ASM is a 32-bit PCI add-in board that can control up to four display controllers per system. A number of consumer-off-the-shelf (COTS) display controllers from Matrox are compatible with the ASM, including the Parhelia™ 256 MB AGP, Parhelia 256 MB PCI, QID Pro, Parhelia HR256, and Parhelia Precision SGT. These advanced single-chip display controllers offer varying support for one, two, three, or four channels. "The Matrox ASM is the perfect solution for control room environments, or for simulation, where every piece of equipment must be in lockstep with every other in order to ensure that all graphics are synchronized," says Alain Thiffault, senior product manager, 3D workstation products, Matrox Graphics Inc. "It is also ideal for situations calling for the use of data walls, as it provides much needed frame-lock support, ensuring that redraws occur in sync when rendering across multiple displays." Capable of synchronizing an unlimited amount of rendering pipelines from any number of applications running across a network of computers, the Matrox ASM offers a host of advanced features such as house sync, an external synchronization signal; master/slave configurations for inter-system synchronization; and support for multiple resolutions per channel, genlocking multiple analog, DVI and video output connections to an external signal generated via a black burst device, for example. Additionally, its standard 3-pin stereo connector allows for multi-monitor, multi-system, and multi-user stereoscopic visualization. The Matrox ASM supports multiple display controllers, multiple systems, or a combination of multi-board systems, in order to create a virtual display, synchronizing internal clocks and frame swaps—even different resolutions—and ensuring the highest fidelity image quality. Its robust display drivers ensure that buffer swaps are synchronized across boards, and even across systems, for applications that support distributed rendering and currently offer support for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP. Please inquire for other operating system support:

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