Thermaltake выпустил новую линейку корпусов "Tsunami Dream"

Thermaltake выпустил новую линейку корпусов "Tsunami Dream"
As users demand new, more robust designs and innovative computer chassis, companies must revamp their existing products, focusing on performance, capacity, acoustics and aesthetic. Thermaltake Technology, the world leader in PC chassis design and distribution, today releases their "Tsunami Dream" line of computer enclosure. With the latest Tsunami, engineers set their main focuses on its cooling capability, acoustic and aesthetic. The most noticeable feature of Tsunami is its all aluminum front panel in a uniform pattern of elegant wave. Car-grade mirror coating finish on the aluminum surface is a first in large-scale mass production. On its cooling setup, Thermaltake decided to go with two 120mm Ultra-Silent fans, one mounted on the front of the chassis for intake while second mounted on the rear for exhaust. To further enhance cooling, an additional 90mm fan is mounted strategically over the most critical components of a PC such as CPU and Video Card. By utilizing two 120mm fans for air circulation, Tsunami is able to provide much higher airflow across the chassis while producing least amount of noise. To prevent dust from entering the chassis through the intake fan, a removable and washable filter is set into place. The chassis is constructed from 0.8mm aluminum for increased overall strength and toughness while maintaining its lightweight characteristic. Weighing in at less than 13 lb, Tsunami is light enough for effortless transportation from and to destination such as LAN Parties. Security features includes two-way front door lock and side panel lock. Two USB ports, one IEEE 1394 port and two audio jacks are conveniently located on the top of the chassis. Availability: Tsunami will be available world-wide in July 2004.

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