TYAN представляет четырехпроцессорную плату Thunder K8QS (S4880) для AMD Opteron™

TYAN представляет четырехпроцессорную плату Thunder K8QS (S4880) для AMD Opteron™
Tyan announced the Thunder K8QS (S4880), one of the industry's first cost-efficient quad AMD Opteron™ processor-based motherboards for high performance computing. Utilizing up to four AMD Opteron™ 800 series processors, the Thunder K8QS (S4880) delivers incredible performance and productivity in computational processing through scalable cutting-edge technology. The Thunder K8QS (S4880) utilizes the additional coherent HyperTransport™ Technology links in the AMD Opteron processor 800 series to provide a cost-effective 2-way to 4-way CPU migration path. This affordable scalability is achieved without compromising key options such as high-performance connectivity and mass storage. Onboard features include dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN controllers, dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI support, four Serial ATA ports with RAID 0, 1, 10 options, 10 DIMM sockets enabling up to 20GB of Registered DDR 400MHz memory, four PCI-X slots and one legacy PCI connector. All these features are packed in an SSI (13" x 16") form factor to enable mass infrastructure adoption. With its versatility across multiple operating systems and operating environments, the Thunder K8QS (S4880) can allow users to preserve their investment in legacy 32-bit applications, yet still migrate to 64-bit applications seamlessly and on their own timetable. Windows Server 2003, SUSE Linux 8.0, Turbo Linux 8.0 and Red Hat 9.0 support make this a top candidate for clustering, database, data-analysis, and high-end simulation servers. "This market-driven platform fulfills the growing demand for affordable, 4-way, 64-bit servers," remarked Don Clegg, Vice President of Sales and Strategic Programs at Tyan. "Tyan combined its strengths in technology, design and manufacturing to produce this industry-leading solution." "The AMD Opteron processor offers incredible performance for 32-bit applications as well as powerful 64-bit addressability, making it an attractive offering for intense computing," said Ben Williams, director of Server/Workstation Segment, AMD's Microprocessor Business Unit. "Tyan has a powerful design that is based on AMD64 technology which provides a simple migration path to the 64-bit world." The Thunder K8QS (S4880) is currently sampling at key OEMs and will begin mass production at specific customer accounts during the first quarter of the year.

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