Matrox Parhelia™ graphics card

Matrox Parhelia™ graphics card
Matrox Parhelia™ graphics card offers unique video output support with Adobe Premiere Pro New Parhelia™ WYSIWYG plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro combined with Dual-display plus TV output support dramatically enhances NLE productivity Montreal, Canada, November 19th, 2003—Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, is pleased to announce a new What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) plug-in developed for Adobe® Premiere® Pro, which enables video output support with the Matrox Parhelia™ graphics card№. This remarkable plug-in allows Premiere Pro users to output their video creations to an external video monitor or a tape deck when in Parhelia's single- and unique Dual-display plus TV output mode, radically enhancing software non-linear editing (NLE) productivity and efficiency. "Adobe is committed to enhancing the productivity of video professionals by working with partners like Matrox to provide new functionality for Adobe Premiere Pro, such as the new WYSIWYG plug-in for the Matrox Parhelia graphics card," says Richard Townhill, group product manager, Adobe Premiere. "Verifying projects on a video monitor is essential for non-linear video editing, and Matrox's new plug-in is a great complement to any Premiere Pro project relying on Parhelia acceleration." The Matrox Parhelia is the industry's only graphics card designed to meet the demanding needs of professional video editors and the first to feature Dual-display plus TV output support. This unique configuration allows users to extend timelines, toolbars, video windows, and control effects menus across two RGB displays, while having a video monitor available for convenient viewing of clips and projects. What's more, this latest WYSIWYG plug-in for Premiere Pro is the third in a family of Adobe plug-ins available with Parhelia, offering video output support with Adobe After Effects® and Adobe Photoshop®. "Matrox truly understands the unique needs of video professionals and strives to offer products and features that maximize their productivity. Parhelia and the new WYSIWYG plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro is another example of that dedication," says Caroline Injoyan, video workstation product manager, Matrox Graphics Inc. "This latest plug-in provides increased value and efficiency to our customers and Adobe Premiere Pro users by offering WYSIWYG functionality available only with the Parhelia graphics card." The WYSIWYG plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro, available in December 2003, is a free download for registered Parhelia users and can be accessed from the Matrox Graphics website at the following link: About Matrox Graphics Inc. Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, has been delivering high-quality, innovative 2D/3D and video graphics accelerators for more than a quarter century. Pioneer of the trend-setting DualHead® technology, Matrox is a graphics chip designer and board manufacturer whose products have been awarded over 1,000 times worldwide for their superior image quality, practical ingenuity and unwavering stability. In July 2002, Matrox was elected as a voting member of the OpenGL® Architecture Review Board (ARB). A privately held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Matrox has international offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Information on Matrox products, drivers, technical support and more can be found at:

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