TYAN® launches the Tiger i7501R (S2735)

TYAN® launches the Tiger i7501R (S2735)
TYAN® launches the Tiger i7501R (S2735) A flexible and powerful dual Intel® Xeon™ processor-based platform for mid-range 1U/2U servers The Tiger i7501R (S2735) Debuts as the Industry's First ATX platform With Six DIMM Slots Fremont, CA, November 5th, 2003 - Tyan® today launched the Tiger i7501R (S2735), a dual Intel® Xeon™ processor-based server solution for the mid-range 1U/2U server market and those upgrading to a smaller form factor such as ATX. With features such as Gigabit and Fast Ethernet, Serial ATA with RAID and optional SCSI, this powerful ATX-sized system board provides users impressive performance and scalability for their entry to mid-range server offerings. A few of the key benefits of the Tiger i7501R (S2735) are its maximum memory size support and DIMM socket orientation. There are six DIMM sockets, and various combinations of memory module types can be populated for up to 12GB of system memory. As opposed to other server platforms in its class, the Tiger i7501R (S2735) has the flexibility to accept cost-efficient memory modules yet support a large memory configuration. The DIMM sockets are strategically placed to enable airflow to travel from the front to back, ensuring maximum cooling of the overall system and stabilizing systems that require the industry's fastest processors with the most wattage. The Tiger i7501R (S2735) also offers several integrated features for storage, network connectivity, and graphics. Included onboard are Serial ATA with RAID 0 & 1, ATA 100 and ATAPI device compatibility, and optional SCSI for powerful storage flexibility; two PCI-X slots and two PCI slots for multiple add-on options; dual Gigabit Ethernet ports and single Fast Ethernet port for excellent network adaptability; and a ATI® RAGE™ XL graphics controller with 8MB of memory for enhanced visual quality. "If you require a rock-solid stable platform for databases, application serving, web hosting, or other compute-intensive environments, the Tiger i7501R (S2735) is a highly recommended platform that has enterprise-level features without the high price," said Danny Hsu, Senior Director of Marketing at Tyan. "The compact ATX form factor and six DIMM sockets provide flexibility in choosing enclosures and components for systems at a considerably lower cost." "With the Tiger i7501R (S2735), Tyan has delivered a flexible solution for dual Intel® Xeon™-based server system users, based on Intel's E7501 Enterprise chipset in a standard ATX form factor," said Jesse Parker, Director of Enterprise Chipset Marketing and Planning, Intel Corporation. The Tiger i7501R (S2735) is currently sampling and will reach mass production by November.

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