MB Intel

Артикул Бренд Partnumber Наименование Опт Гар, мес Склад
58555TyanS32272NR-C338TYAN S32272NR-C338 Mini-ITX (1)DDR4 Atom C3338onboard 2 core$212.336ЗАКАЗ
58556TyanS32272NR-C538TYAN Mini-ITX (2) DDR4 Atom C3538onboard 4 core$314.136ЗАКАЗ
58557TyanS32272NR-C858TYAN S32272NR-C858 Mini-ITX (2) DDR4 Atom C3858onboard 12 core$861.436ЗАКАЗ
58558TyanS32272NR-C958TYAN S32272NR-C958 Mini-ITX (2) DDR4 Atom C3958onboard 16 core$1112.236ЗАКАЗ
42640TyanS5533GM2NR-LES5533GM2NR-LE Xeon E3-1200 v3 mini-ITX$18636ЗАКАЗ
58559TyanS5630GMRTYAN S5630GMR 12" x 10.9" SSI CEB (12) DDR4 Socket P C621$478.936ЗАКАЗ
58560TyanS5630GMRETYAN S5630GMRE CEB (12) DDR4 Socket P C621 (4) NVMe$487.736ЗАКАЗ
58561TyanS5630GMRE-L2TYAN S5630GMRE-L2 CEB (12) DDR4 Socket P C622 (4) NVMe$531.536ЗАКАЗ
57196TyanS7100AG2NRTYAN S7100AG2NR Dual-socket server/workstation motherboard (2) LGA3647, Intel C621, (6)+(6) DIMM slots$626.836ЗАКАЗ
57195TyanS7100GM2NRTYAN S7100GM2NR Dual-socket server/workstation motherboard Dual socket Xeon Scalable Processor Family, (12) DIMM slots supporting up to 1.5TB DDR4 RAM, (4) PCIe x16 slots with support for 4 GPU cards, (3) PCIe x8 slots, (14) SATA ports,(2) NVMe M.2 ports$626.836ЗАКАЗ
57186TyanS7103GM2NRTYAN S7103GM2NR Tempest CX S7103 12" x 13" EATX, (2) LGA3647, Intel Xeon Scalable Processor, Intel C621, (6)+(6) DIMM slots, (2) GbE ports, (1) PHY dedicated for IPMI, (2) Mini-SAS (8-ports) , (1) Mini-SAS (4-ports) / (2) SATA-DOM$558.236ЗАКАЗ
58552TyanS7103GM4NR-2F-L2TYAN S7103GM4NR-2F-L2 (12) DDR4, Socket P, C622, (2) 10GbE SFP+$691.236ЗАКАЗ
58551TyanS7103WGM2NRTYAN S7103WGM2NR (12) DDR4, Socket P, C621, SAS 12G,$743.836ЗАКАЗ
58553TyanS7103WGM4NR-2F-L2TYAN S7103WGM4NR-2F-L2 (12) DDR4, Socket P, C622, SAS 12G(2) 10GbE SFP+$81436ЗАКАЗ
58554TyanS7105AGM2NR-2TTYAN S7105AGM2NR-2T 14.23" x 13.24" proprietary form factor, (12) DDR4, Socket P, C621, (2) 10GbE RJ-45$963.136ЗАКАЗ
58562TyanS7106GM2NRTYAN S7106GM2NR EATX (16) DDR4 Socket P C621$603.836ЗАКАЗ
58563TyanS7106GM2NR-L2TYAN S7106GM2NR-L2 EATX (16) DDR4 Socket P C622 10GbE by M7106-X557-2T2E$719.236ЗАКАЗ