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Артикул Бренд Partnumber Наименование Опт Гар, мес Склад
55039ALSEYE12032BVH-P112032BVH-P1 FAN, 120mm, 3900rpm, 170.1 CFM, Molex, подшипник, 54dBa OEM{32}$8.63+
58882ALSEYE12038BLH-N1212038BLH-N12 FAN 120*120*38mm, Molex. Two ball, 12V*2.5A, 4600rpm, 205.47CFM, 27.2.mmH2O, 64.6dBA OEM {40}$10.83+
64460ALSEYE20CM ARGB20CM ARGB FAN 200mm, fan with RGB controller cable, 3 pin, RTL (A20 A-RGB) Fan)$13.76-
90921ALSEYE20CM ARGB bpBad Pack 20CM ARGB FAN 200mm, fan with RGB controller cable, 3 pin, RTL (A20 A-RGB) Fan)$06-
55037ALSEYEAD1225B12H-N1AD1225B12H-N1 FAN 120mm, 3200rpm, 102.9 CFM, Molex, подшипник, 48dBa OEM{100}$4.63+
59466ALSEYEAS14038BVH-M1AS14038BVH-M1 FAN 140*140*38mm (FOR ASIC), TWO ball, 12V*2.8A, 3600rpm, 270CFM, 27.95 mmH2O, 5557-4pin + Molex , OEM {52}$25.81+
71977ALSEYEAS6038BVH-M1BAS6038BVH-M1B 60*60*38mm, 2900-12000rpm, 21.65CFM, 31.95mmH2O, 49dBA, PWM$11.56+
91059ALSEYECRLS-300DSCRLS-300DS 3pcs argb fan kit with controller,2pcs LED strips,size:120*120*25mm,Voltage:12V,Current:0.2A-0.41A,Speed:700-1800RPM±10%,Airflow: 30.4-55.3CFM,Airpressure:1.02-1.52mmh20,Noise:12.2-18.5dBa,Bearing :Hydraulic (871608) {30}$33.36+
64461ALSEYEHALO 4.0 12cmHALO 4.0 12cm FAN 120mm, 800~2000RPM, 18.3-45.2CFM, 13.5-35.2dB(A), PWM, RGB, RTL{100} (873299)$6.26+
78547ALSEYEHALO 4.0 ARGB KITHALO 4.0 ARGB KIT FAN 120mm *3pcs, 800~2000RPM, 18.3-45.2CFM, 13.5-35.2dB(A), PWM, ARGB, RTL$06-
96685ALSEYELGA4189-M96LGA4189-M96 CPU :LGA4189 Voltage:12V Product Demension :116.7mm*92.5mm*125.5mm$012-
96675ALSEYEM120 1.0M120 1.0 Socket: intel LGA1200/2066/2011/1366/115X/775, AMD FM1/AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM4$012-
76779ALSEYEM120-P KITM120-P KIT FAN 120mm*3, Hydraulic, 700~1700rpm, 23~68CFM, 16~33dBA, RGB, cable controller+AURA 3pinn+ JSP 3pin with VDG, RTL$25.36-
75207ALSEYEM120-PBM120-PB FAN 120mm, 1300rpm, 42.5CFM, 23.6dBA, Molex + 3pin, RGB, RTL{100} (872711)$5.56+
78545ALSEYEM120-PB KITM120-PB KIT M120-PB KIT, Black, FAN 120mm *3pc, 800~1700rpm, 42.5CFM, 23.6dBA, PWM, Molex + 3pin + controller, RGB, RTL{24} (873503)$25.96-
75208ALSEYEM120-PTM120-PT FAN 120mm, 1300rpm, 42.5CFM, 23.6dBA, Molex + 3pin, RGB, Transparet frame, RTL{100} (872704)$5.56+
78546ALSEYEM120-PT KITM120-PT KIT M120-PT FAN 120mm *3pcs, Transparent, 800~1700rpm, 42.5CFM, 23.6dBA, PWM, Molex + 3pin+controller, RGB, RTL$25.96+
91060ALSEYEN12 Pro Fan KitN12 Pro Fan Kit 120 x 120 x 25mm,Voltage: DC 12V,Current:0.18A,Fan Speed:1300R.P.M,Max Air Flow:41.52CFM,Max Static Pressure:0.79mm/H2O,Noise Level :24.8dB(A),Bearing Type :Hydraulic,Life Expectancy:40,000 hours,With 6pcs fans+1pcs remote controller,RTL$34.56+
91066ALSEYEX12-GYX12-GY Dimensions:120x120x30mm,Voltage:DC 12V,Current:0.35A±10%,Fan Speed:1200R.P.M.±10%,Max. Air Flow:42.2CFM±10%,Max. Air Pressure:2.1mm/H2O±10%,Noise Level: 26.3dB(A)±10%,Bearing Type:Hydraulic,Life Expectancy: 40,000h,Connector:6PIN (872520) {100}$11.36+
91061ALSEYEX12-Set-WX12-Set-W XTREME X12 KIT Adjustable RGB (20LED) 12v 1200rpm PH2.0-5Pin RTL {24} (872513)$37.96+
91065ALSEYEX12-WX12-W Dimensions: 120x120x30mm,Voltage: DC 12V,Current: 0.35A±10%,Fan Speed: 1200R.P.M.±10%,Max. Air Flow: 42.2CFM±10%,Max. Air Pressure: 2.1mm/H2O±10%,Noise Level: 26.3dB(A)±10%,Bearing Type: Hydraulic,Life Expectancy: 40,000h,Connector:6PIN (872537) {1$11.36+