Артикул Бренд Partnumber Наименование Опт Гар, мес Склад
70940Seeed'114991726LoRa-S-868-TH-01 LoRaWAN Air Temperature and Humidity Sensor EU868 (709401)$14012+
70936Seeed101990564101990564 SenseCAP Wireless Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor - LoRaWAN EU868MHz$28512+
70932Seeed102010027102010027 Seeed Studio BeagleBonе Green$5912+
70945Seeed102010328102010328 Seeeduino XIAO - Arduino Microcontroller - SAMD21 Cortex M0+$912-
70944Seeed102030005102030005 Spartan Edge Accelerator Board - Arduino FPGA Shield with ESP32$5412-
70933Seeed102110318102110318 Seeed SoM - STM32MP157C Integrate Cortex-A7 plus Cortex-M4$4312-
70934Seeed102110319102110319 ODYSSEY STM32MP157C Evaluation Board Raspberry Pi 40-Pin Compatible with SoM$7912-
70931Seeed102110381102110381 Seeed Studio BeagleBone Green Gateway Development Board$7712+
68830Seeed102110399ODYSSEY - X86J4105800 Модуль одноплатного компьютера (Без Win10)$27012+
70952Seeed102990883102990883 ReSpeaker Core v2$12312+
70949Seeed102991003102991003 Micro:Bit Telec version$2112-
70941Seeed102991154102991154 SenseCAP Gateway - LoRaWAN EU868MHz$55412-
84844Seeed102991171102991171 ODYSSEY-X86J4125864 Most expandable Win10 Mini PC (Linux and Arduino Core) with 8GB RAM + 64GB eMM$35912+
70942Seeed102991299102991299 Wio Terminal: ATSAMD51 Core with Realtek RTL8720DN BLE 5.0 & Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G Dev Board$4412+
84846Seeed102991300102991300 ODYSSEY-X86J4125800 Most expandable Win10 Mini PC (Linux and Arduino Core) with 8GB RAM$32612+
92043Seeed102991301102991301 Odyssey Jetson Xavier AGX H01 Kit with Jetson Xavier AGX processor, 32 TOPs, Aluminum case with cooling fan, pre-installed JetPack System$379412+
92042Seeed102991303102991303 Odyssey Jetson SUB Mini PC-Blue with Jetson Xavier NX module, Aluminium case with cooling fan, 128GB SSD, WiFi, Antennas and pre-installed JetPack System$183912+
79880Seeed102991374102991374 Micro:Bit V2$2712-
70946Seeed103020312103020312 Grove Shield for Seeeduino XIAO - with embedded battery management chip$812+
70950Seeed103030275103030275 Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi$1412+
70951Seeed103100063103100063 Grove Shield for micro:bit v2.0$1412+
70947Seeed110020169110020169 Grove Base Kit for Raspberry Pi (110020169)$4712+
70948Seeed110060762110060762 Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit$8312+
70943Seeed110061162110061162 Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino - All-in-one Arduino Compatible Board with 10 Sensors and 12 Projects$3112+
70935Seeed110991412110991412 Odyssey Blue: Quad Core Celeron J4105 Windows 10 Mini PC with 128GB external SSD$32112+
84847Seeed110991415110991415 Odyssey Blue: Quad Core Celeron J4125 Windows 10 Mini PC with 128GB external SSD$40112+
92041Seeed114110049114110049 Odyssey A206 Carrier Board for Jetson Nano/Xavier NX/TX2 NX with compact function design and same size of NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX carrier board$40112+
70937Seeed114991727114991727 SenseCAP Wireless Light Intensity Sensor - LoRaWAN EU868MHz$12512+
70938Seeed114991728114991728 SenseCAP Wireless CO2 Sensor - LoRaWAN EU868MHz$20712+
70939Seeed114991729114991729 SenseCAP Wireless Barometric Pressure Sensor - LoRaWAN EU868MHz$12512+
68831Seeed114992152re_computer case Most Compatible Enclosure for popular SBCs including ODYSSEY - X86J4105, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and Jetson Nano.$4112+