Артикул Бренд Partnumber Наименование Опт Гар, мес Склад
82619D-LinkDKVM-410H/A2ADKVM-410H/A2A 4-портовый KVM-переключатель с портами HDMI и USB, (462184)$107.912+
69192D-LinkDKVM-4U/C2ADKVM-4U/C2A 4-port KVM Switch with VGA and USB ports. Control 4 computers from a single keyboard, monitor, mouse, Supports video resolutions up to 2048 x 1536, Switching button or Hot Key command, Auto-scan mode, Buzzer. Quick Guide + 2 Sets of KVM Cable$50.412+
66662D-LinkDKVM-CB/1.2M/B1ADKVM-CB/1.2M/B1A Кабель KVM длиной 1,2 м с разъемами VGA и PS/2$7.112+
66658D-LinkDKVM-CB/A4ADKVM-CB/A4A Кабель KVM длиной 1,8 м с разъемами VGA и PS/2 для DKVM-4K/А$10.612
66653D-LinkDKVM-CU5/B1ADKVM-CU5/B1A Кабель KVM длиной 5 м с разъемами VGA и USB (449161)$14.112+
71994D-LinkDKVM-IP8/A2ADKVM-IP8/A2A 8-port KVM over IP Switch with VGA and USB ports.$811.612
66646D-LinkKVM-221/C1AKVM-221/C1A 2-портовый KVM-переключатель с портами VGA и USB (449192)$32.912+
66649D-LinkKVM-440/C1AKVM-440/C1A 8-портовый KVM-переключатель с портами VGA и 4 портами USB (замена KVM-440/C2A)$13012+
55360TRENDnetTK-1603R16-Port USB/PS/2 Rack Mount KVM Switch RTL {5} (304329)$27624+
55344TRENDnetTK-204UK2-Port DVI USB KVM Switch with Audio Kit RTL TK-204UK$10724+
55346TRENDnetTK-207K2-Port USB KVM Switch Kit RTL {20} (304237)$34.524+
55347TRENDnetTK-209K2-Port USB KVM Switch Kit w/ Audio TK-209K RTL {20}$39.124+
55348TRENDnetTK-214i2-port DVI Audio KVM Switch TK-214i RTL {20}$87.424+
55349TRENDnetTK-215i2-port HDMI KVM Switch TK-215i RTL {20}$103.524+
76951TRENDnetTK-216i2-Port 4K HDMI KVM Switch RTL TK-216i (170238) {20}$148.412+
55350TRENDnetTK-217i2-port USB KVM Switch TK-217i RTL {20} (304497)$28.724+
55351TRENDnetTK-222DVK2-Port DVI KVM Switch Kit RTL {12} 170023$241.524+
76953TRENDnetTK-240DP2-Port Dual Monitor Display Port KVM Switch RTL TK-240DP (170139) {6}$308.212+
55352TRENDnetTK-407K4-Port USB KVM Switch Kit RTL {12} (304268)$70.124+
55353TRENDnetTK-408K4-Port PS/2 KVM Switch Kit w/Audio TK-408K RTL {12}$67.924+
55354TRENDnetTK-409K4-Port USB KVM Switch Kit with Audio TK-409K RTL {12}$89.724+
89962TRENDnetTK-409K bpBad Pack 4-Port USB KVM Switch Kit with Audio RTL$6924+
55355TRENDnetTK-422DVK4-port DVI KVM Switch Kit TK-422DVK RTL {6}$44424+
55356TRENDnetTK-423K4-Port USB / PS/2 KVM Switch Kit w/ Audio TK-423K RTL {6}$13924
76955TRENDnetTK-440DP4-Port Dual Monitor Display Port KVM Switch RTL {6} (170214)$534.812+
55359TRENDnetTK-803R8-Port USB/PS/2 Rack Mount KVM Switch TK-803R RTL {5}$20524+
81214TRENDnetTK-803R bpBad Pack TK-803R 8-Port USB/PS/2 Rack Mount KVM Switch$12724
55358TRENDnetTK-804R8-Port Stackable Rack Mount USB & PS/2 KVM Switch w/ OSD TK-804R RTL {5}$309.324
55371TRENDnetTK-C061.8m PS/2/VGA KVM Cable TK-C06$12.712+
55372TRENDnetTK-C103.0m PS/2/VGA KVM Cable TK-C10$17.312+
55373TRENDnetTK-C154.5m PS/2/VGA KVM Cable TK-C15$28.712+
55367TRENDnetTK-CAT5088-port CAT5 KVM Switch TK-CAT508 RTL {10}$29324+
55368TRENDnetTK-CAT5PCAT5 PS/2 Server Interface TK-CAT5P RTL {64}$3724+
55369TRENDnetTK-CAT5UCAT5 USB Server Interface TK-CAT5U RTL {64}$3724+
55374TRENDnetTK-CU061.8m USB/VGA KVM cable TK-CU06 {60}$16.112+
55375TRENDnetTK-CU103.0m USB/VGA KVM cable {50} (304350)$17.312+
55376TRENDnetTK-CU154.5m USB/VGA KVM cable TK-CU15 {30}$2912+
55365TRENDnetTK-EX3KVM Extension Kit TK-EX3 RTL {12}$16824
55366TRENDnetTK-EX4USB KVM Extension Kit TK-EX4 RTL {12}$20124
55363TRENDnetTK-V201S2-Port Video Splitter TK-V201S RTL {10}$4124
55364TRENDnetTK-V401S4-Port Video Splitter TK-V401S RTL {10}$6724