Артикул Бренд Partnumber Наименование Опт Гар, мес Склад
62205Avance2.5" HDD plastic bracket2.5" HDD plastic bracket$01-
39988Avance21-H1A00001Hinge Set + Base (32-H125A004)+screw for H100 (21-H1A00001) в комрлекте с корпусом$1412-
45407Avance21-W8A19002 USB3.021-W8A19002 VESA Mount PC stand for Case Avance (L7) without Cable cover single package$49.60ЗАКАЗ
57403Avance26-L1B00003Long bracket for fitting 2.5"HDD$01ЗАКАЗ
62204Avance3.5" HDD plastic bracket3.5" HDD plastic bracket$01-
65247Avance49-W8F35001Cooler for L7 6CM FAN, sleeve type, 4pin, with PWM запасная часть$012-
45410Avance50-L700000150-L7000001 Крепление для установки 2.5" HDD$1.20ЗАКАЗ
64731Avance81-L110H004L1 Copper Cooler with Conductive silicon thermal pad Cooler, Copper base(old version, before ECN,cannot support 3rd USB port) Bulk package$012-
62198AvanceCable USB2.0+AMCable USB2.0+AM (130mm)$01-
62199AvanceCable USB3.0Cable USB3.0 (130mm)$01-
59606AvanceCooler for L1 Spare partCooler for L1 Spare part 3200 RPM$01-
62200AvanceFan 3200RPMFan 3200RPM$01-
65072AvanceFan duct for L1 Spare partFan duct for L1 Spare part$01-
59603AvanceFoot stand for L1Foot stand for L1$01-
59608AvanceFront bezel for L1 Spare partFront bezel for L1 Spare part$01-
62207AvanceIntrusion switch cableIntrusion switch cable$01-
49307AvanceL1 depoL1 65W adapter, 19V, Level 5, safety Europe type power cable, safety , L=1M,3 plug$012ЗАКАЗ
59582AvanceL1 depo with coolerL1 65W adapter, 19V, with cooler Cooper base, Level 5 safety Europe type power cable, safety , L=1M,3 plug$01ЗАКАЗ
45144AvanceL7L7 (A01) SFF case, with single package , no logo With USB 2.0 + AM at front, version for MB 244x214mm, Chasiss fan, 4pin, with PWM, Loop lock, PSU FSP 220W Bronze$80.60ЗАКАЗ
56309AvanceL7AL7A with 180W PSU, 85+Bronze$115.80ЗАКАЗ
62208AvanceL8 fan holderL8 fan holder$01-
62126AvanceL8000005L8 cable cover Защитная крышка кабельного отсека корпуса L8$01+
61762AvanceL8BL8 UltraSFF, no logo, 2xUSB2.0, 2xUSB3.0, Audio+mic, moon-Shape bumpers, plast bracket for 2extra HDD, 7cm 3200 rpm Fan, 250W PSU 80+ Bronze, Europe power cable$97.712-
62201AvanceL8B Front bezelFront bezel for L8B Spare part$01-
62196AvanceLED lamp line for L8LED lamp line for L8$01-
62203AvanceMoon-shape bumpers for L8/L1Moon-shape bumpers for L8/L1$01-
62206AvanceODD plastic railODD plastic rail$01-
59611AvanceSATA Cablefor L1 Spare partSATA Cable for L1 Spare part$01-
65070AvanceSATA power Cable for L1 Spare partSATA power Cable for L1 Spare part$01-
59605AvanceScrew bag for L1/L7Screw bag for L1/L7$01-
65071AvanceTop plastic trim panel for L1 Spare partTop plastic trim panel for L1 Spare part$01-
64449AvanceWI-L101K0023WI-L101K003 Antenna for wi-fi module m.2 Antenna for wi-fi module m.2$01-